英国essay写作:如何在时尚管理中树立良好的品牌形象How to build a good brand image in fashion management

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如果我必须解释为什么我要在伦敦艺术大学选择这个话题来继续我的时尚事业,我会说有两个原因。第一个原因是伦敦是我梦想和未来的起点。时尚界的第一印象是对当地品牌Alexander McQueen的痴迷,从我很小的时候起,它就激励了我,Alexander McQueen创造的神奇时尚帝国不断吸引我关注。从那时起,我的极大兴趣就集中在如何通过有效的策略来打造一个有影响力的时尚品牌,以及如何在日益激烈的竞争中赢得良好的声誉上。我非常享受建立一个像麦昆这样令人难以置信的神奇品牌的每一件事。其次,对我来说,找出实际问题也是选择这个话题的另一个原因,而不仅仅是扩大我的知识和技能,我想进一步专门研究这个学科的一个特定领域:如何为一个品牌树立一个良好的形象,因为你知道在中国,存在着不平衡的发展,外国品牌更多的是我被中国的时尚品牌所接受,尤其是奢侈品品牌,在这里占据了很大的市场份额,所以作为一名时尚专业的学生,我想改变这种状况,以利当地品牌的利益。If I have to explain Why I choose this topic in University of the Arts London to continue my Fashion career, I would say there are twomain  reasons. First reason is that London is where my dream and my future starts from. The first impression of the fashion world is due to the obsession for the local brand—Alexander McQueen, which inspired me since I was very young, the fantastic fashion empire created by Alexander McQueen constantly attract me to enter in. From that time onward, my great interest is guided by how to build a influential fashion brand by adopting effective strategies, and how to win a good reputation under increasingly fierce competition, and I enjoyed too much to achieve every thing about building a incredibly amazing brand like McQueen. Secondly, for me, figuring out the practical problems is also another reason to choose this topic rather than just expanding my knowledge and skills, l want to specialize further in a particular area of this discipline: how to build a good image for a brand, because you know in China, there existed unbalanced development, foreign brands are more widely accepted by Chinese fashion brands, especially luxury brands, which occupied large market share here, so as I student in fashion, I’d like to change this situation in order for the profit of local brands.
As a result, I have some brief thought about brand image in fashion management, if I had chance to study here. As we all know brand imageplays a key significant role for the development of a company, which can be reinforced by brand communications such as packaging, advertising, promotion, customer service, word-of-mouth and other aspects of the brand experience. At the same time, good brand images are instantly evoked, are positive, and are almost always unique among competitive brands (Wisegeek,2010) .That is say, brand images are usually evoked by asking consumers the first words/images that come to their mind when a certain brand is mentioned (sometimes called "top of mind”)(Wiki, 2002).
I know it will be a long journey to start with this topic, it not only involves know the traditional economical knowledge, business model and marketing approaches, but are able to seize different different kinds of knowledge and information to delivery the spirit and connotation to public, including the knowledge of Aesthetics, Sociology,History, Philosophy,Semiotics and so on. In the process of learning, cases study can be the excellent method for me to observe market phenomenal and cultivate a good insight of market trend. Based on drawing on some successful example, I think can well place the position of brand and bring in real advantages for brand through integrating all the resources and information. 
I wish creative future starts from University of the Arts London.
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